Return from Holiday

It’s been a while since I last posted on here. I have a good excuse though, a holiday in the sun with my sister; just what is needed to help me get through our cold dark damp winter!!!

I didn’t take a break from my crocheting though (what crocheter can ever “take a break”? it’s in our blood 🙂 )

The mice and hedgehogs were multiplying over in the sun, especially as my sister has now learnt the pattern!!! 🙂

I also crocheted myself a scarf/cowl with some hand dyed yarn that I had purchased from Etsy some months ago. 

This cost me as much in postage as to buy the yarn so unfortunately, as much as I would love to,  I will not be purchasing any more from here, just looking at UK dyers. 




My first task once home has been to make my ageing auntie a birthday card. 

I made this with some vintage cotton that she has given to me. It was lovely to crochet with the finer cotton again; something I’ve not done since the 70’s!!!!



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