Let Business Commence

Having sold some of my creations at my first 2 craft fairs I am very happy.

The first was in my local library in the town centre. There were 15 tables and I was the only “yarner”. It was very well attended as you might expect in such a location at midday on a Saturday.


I didn’t make a fortune, but I covered my expenses, selling mostly smaller items such as the hedgehogs and keyrings.



The second fair was at quite a different location – on a working arable farm with a lovely farm shop.

We were in a poly tunnel and there were 40 tables.



I was not the only “yarner” but I still managed to sell enough once again to cover my costs and have some left over. I sold one of my shawlettes as well as a pair of fingerless gloves. The hedgehogs were once again a great success along with some mice and keyrings.

I now have some cash to go and spend on more yarn and can feel quite guilt free.


PS my next event is at a Farmers Market in 10 days time. Here’s hoping that I continue to sell as well 🙂



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